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If you are an NHS Organisation seeking to host an NHS Graduate Management Trainee (GMTS) the application process for the September 2018 Intake has now opened. As part of your investment in future leadership, prospective host organisations are invited to express their interest in providing a graduate placement by completing an “Expression of Interest”.


The 2018 GMTS will be a three staged process.


  • Stage 1: Expression of Interest
  • Stage 2: GMTS Information Session
    • The format for the London GMTS information session will be a booked telephone call between Thursday 1 March 2018 and Friday 23 March 2018 for individual organisations (if they require it) and Keith R Whitburn or Sherin Jacob. This will be to help with any questions regarding the completion and submission of “2018 Statement of Commitments”.
  • Stage 3: Statement of Commitment
    • A Statement of Commitment document to be returned from London organisations by 5pm on Monday 23 April 2018.


Joining the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme puts you on the road to developing the skills and confidence you need to lead our organisation through its transformation into an ever more efficient, successful and professional  health care service.

It’s a multi-award winning scheme, where you'll enjoy mentoring, support and first class training from some of the most brilliant minds in and outside the NHS. You’ll experience some truly life defining moments. You’ll influence decisions that improve the lives of millions of people. And, after two years (or two and a half if you opt for finance), you'll be ready to take your career further than you thought possible.

Joining the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme, you’ll specialise in one of multiple areas: Finance, Health Informatics, Human Resources, General Management, Policy and Strategy, and Health Analytics. All of these areas help the NHS to function so that we can provide first class healthcare to our nation.


  • General Management Training Scheme began 1956
    • General Management colleagues work on the front line ensuring services are managed and delivered in the best possible way for patients.
  • Finance Management Training Scheme began 1963
    • Finance needs to lead the way in helping the health service tackle financial challenges to get the best value for money and ensure we spend more on delivering our vital services to patients.
  • Human Resources Management Training Scheme began 2004
    • Human Resources make sure we have the best workforce to deliver the best patient care, and to tackle the unprecedented change we’re going through.
  • Health Informatics Management Training Scheme began 2009
    • Health Informatics is the lifeline that ensures everyone has the information they need to make informed decisions for the benefit of patients.
  • Policy & Strategy Management Training Scheme began 2016
    • Policy and Strategy trainees are given experience of how the NHS interacts with government, think tanks, academia and providers. They will also develop skills in evidence-based policy-making, systems-wide thinking, strategy development, and are trained in how to solve complex transformational problems common across the NHS.  The 6-month NHS placement which is on offer should give the Policy trainees an understanding of the “operational” impact that policy decisions have on frontline services, as well as first-hand exposure to the everyday reality of patient care.
  • Health Analysis Management Training Scheme began 2017
    • Health Analytics was introduced to the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme in 2017. Whilst on the scheme, Health Analysis trainees will have the opportunity to work in a health analytical team in a national organisation. They will get the opportunity to work in a number of areas such as developing appropriate analytical solutions, analysing and triangulating data.The 6-month NHS placement which is on offer should give the Health Analysis trainees an understanding of the “operational” impact that analysis has in informing policy and direction in the healthcare system.


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