Capital People


Our Vision:

To influence London’s healthcare system so that it actively embeds inclusion and promotes the kind of culture change which helps people and organisations rediscover and express their humanity.


About Us:

Over three years ago, we brought together a range of innovative and experienced partners who wanted to deliver on our ambition to support leaders in the healthcare system. The  Capital People partners are:


Even though our partners have different ideas and skills, they’re united in their belief that an increasingly complex NHS needs a change programme which is radical. One that’s transformational, rather than transactional. One that supports the quiet revolutionaries in the system: the people who can transform the way we deliver care once they have the confidence and knowhow.


What We Do:

Together with our partners, we design and deliver a range of interventions that work towards developing a more inclusive healthcare system. Through three years of trying, we learned that to enable radical and lasting change, we had to move away from move away from tick box approaches. We needed to work with real experiences in the system, and we needed to be be more creative and targetted. 


Our Current Priorities:

1. Inclusion Labs: 

This is an organisational intervention which invovles looking at how to support organisations more holistically with their inclusion challenges. The Inclusion Labs is an intervention which involves collaborating and designing bespoke interventions with each Trust in the aim to make speedy and sustainable progress in inclusion, and on their WRES indicators.

Want to know more?

  • Check out the story behind this intervention, and have a look at our narrative.
  • Have a look at what we've found so far and view our info graphic.


2. Thinking and Writing Groups:

This is an intervention for individuals to learn how the power of everyday conversations, stories and narratives can influence inclusion. These interventions include our 'New Voices, New narratives, New Culture' series, our 'Journaling for Change' programme, and our Bookclubs. 


3. Communities of Practice:

This is an intevention for individuals who share a concern or passion for something that they do, who come together regularly to learn best practice.


Coming Up: 

  • Book Club:

We have arranged a book club to explore our differences from an inclusion perspective. The first book which we want to discuss is ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race’ by Reni Eddo-Lodge. Anne-Marie’s review of the book can be found here. If you have also read this book and want to have a conversation, then join Anne-Marie on March 15 2018 at 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Sign up here

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Get involved

Sharing and learning from each other is the best way we can tackle inequality and build an inclusive NHS.

Our online platform basecamp allows you to get involved with our thought provoking discussions, access resources, and ask questions to our providers.

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