Leadership Toolkit

Leadership Toolkit

There are many definitions of leadership and management, and as many views of the importance of one as compared to the other. Our toolkit recognises the importance of both and seeks to provide a source of support to all those who have responsibility for others.

We also recognise that building effective leadership and management skills is a journey that starts with managing oneself, moves on to Leading and managing others in a one on one relationship and then onto leading teams and change.

Keep in mind

Managing self
Personal effectiveness

Leading & managing others
One-on-one relationships

Leading teams & change
One-to-many relationships

  • Leading teams
    Working together to create shared goals and values
  • Leading change
    Providing context for change and supporting people through the stages of change

Designed and developed for the London Leadership Academy by Heather Schoenheimer Consulting, in conjunction with the Royal Free London Foundation Trust OD Department