Time management and planning

Time management and planning

Planning and organising helps you stay on top of your job by allowing you to have the time to do the important parts of your job.

  Check the hints and tips section for practical input to your conversations.

Keep in mind

Match the tool to the task

  • Use the Urgent and important planner to prioritise the large number of requests for your time and then use the Weekly Planning Template to plan accordingly.
  • When you are about to schedule a meeting, use the Meeting agenda and minutes template to help you organise the meeting agenda and record outcomes from the meeting.
  • If you are struggling with time management, prioritise and organise your weekly activities in the Weekly planning template.

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Further reading

  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R, Covey (2004)

Hints and tips for conversations

  • Demonstrate how planned and organised you are by being on time for meetings.
  • Use to do lists to help keep track of your tasks.
  • Chunk down larger pieces of work into manageable tasks.
  • Take control of email and meetings.
  • Handle each piece of paper once only.

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