Suggestions for using the toolkit

Suggestions for using the toolkit

How the toolkit is organised

The toolkit groups tools, resources, policies and training into topics that relate to your work at the Trust.

When you visit a topic, you see immediately

  • useful tools, resources, policies, training and links that will help you deal with work tasks and challenges
  • explanations of when to consider using a particular tool or resource

The most important thing to remember is that YOU are in control

The tools and resources in the toolkit are short and practical.

They are designed to save you time, help you act effectively and enable you to make decisions that deliver good outcomes for you and others.

BUT... How you use the toolkit is up to YOU.

Build your leadership and management skills - at your own pace

It's easy. Here's how.

  • Work systematically through the three topic areas on the toolkit start page, moving from the Managing self topics, to Leading and managing others and Leading teams and change.
  • Use the tools and resources in each topic to assess your competencies and improve those you identify as needing development.

Here are some suggestions

If you want to...

...find a particular tool or resource

...develop some new ideas

...take a different approach to meeting a work challenge

...understand how the toolkit can support YOU

You could...

Browse the toolkit start page for topics that are related to what you want to do.
For example,

Browse the toolkit start page for topics that are related to your concern, such as:

Explore! The toolkit's structure makes exploring easy.

  • Move quickly from topic to topic using the toolkit start page or the side menu.
  • Open and scan tools that look interesting.
  • Note topics or items that are useful now or could be useful in the future.

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