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As a learning organisation that occupies a unique space in the London healthcare system, London Leadership Academy is committed to meeting the leadership needs that are locally-driven. This is a city where more than four million people a year go to A&E, where 20% of all babies delivered in England each year are born, and a city where the richest and poorest communities often live side by side. There is also exceptional diversity with over 50% of the population from different ethnic backgrounds, bringing a rich diversity to our capital city as well as a unique set of health challenges.

Our London Programmes have all been successfully delivered by the LLA and their partners in the past, so have a clear and evidenced impact on learning. Each programme is designed to meet certain objectives and are mapped against the Healthcare Leadership Model, in order to improve your leadership style, knowledge, and capabilities. We have categorised our programmes to help you identify which leadership intervention is right for you, depending on what stage you are on your leadership journey:

Develop Yourself
Learn more about leadership concepts and develop your own leadership skills

Lead Others
Building OD capacity and capability in the NHS by developing leaders to develop others

Lead Across Systems
Supporting leaders who are working across boundaries and in complex structures

Lead for Change
Empower inclusive and diverse leadership, and drive change across the health landscape

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National Programmes

As a Local Delivery Partner (LDP) for the NHS Leadership Academy, the London Leadership Academy is the local representative for the national core programmes and offers. The NHS Leadership Academy runs national leadership programmes for every stage of your leadership journey. These are personal development courses that lead differing levels of accreditation. Applications for all core programmes are done online via the NHS Leadership Academy website.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is based on the principle that an individual is ultimately responsible for their lives and the results they are getting. If we acknowledge that we are responsible for something, it follows that we have power and influence over it.

Mentoring allows off-line support to encourage innovation and creativity, through an external sounding board able to challenge assumptions; development of leadership skills for inevitable ongoing changes: ‘time out’ to reflect on own and others’ learning and leadership approaches; feedback, challenge and support from an impartial person, able to ask powerful questions and unlock potential.

To sign up for free coaching or mentoring, you can register with the London Leadership Academy's ConneX system and match with one of our qualified coaches or mentors. If you have any queries please email coachingandmentoring@ncel.hee.nhs.uk

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