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Our vision:

Capital People seeks to influence London’s Healthcare system so that it actively embeds inclusion and promotes the kind of culture change which helps people and organisations rediscover and express their humanity.


About Us:

The Capital People programme brings together a range of innovative and experienced providers who want to deliver on our ambition to support leaders in the healthcare system. Even though they have different ideas and skills, they’re united in their belief that an increasingly complex NHS needs a change programme which is radical. One that’s transformational, rather than transactional. One that supports the quiet revolutionaries in the system: the people who can transform the way we deliver care once they have the confidence and know-how.


What we do:

For those of us that long for more creative approaches, the help and support that works with our real experiences, and moves away from ‘tick box’ approaches - Capital People has heard and will respond to this longing. We recognise that it is only by supporting leaders in their development of themselves and others that people can feel sufficiently valued and enabled to produce outstanding results.

At this moment in time, Capital People hopes…

1) To Identify and articulate what is meant by inclusion,

2) To understand more about what types of interventions work through taking an experimental approach

3) To co-creatively work with leaders in the system

In line with this, we are focusing our efforts on carrying out 3 new interventions:

1) Communities of Practice for Diversity and Inclusion:

These are groups of people made up of staff from across the system who share a common passion for a particular area and meet regularly to discuss ideas for best practice. This intervention brings the focus back to the people who know the system best.


2) Inclusion Labs

These are organisationally specific interventions which will be tailored to particular organisations based upon a diagnostic framework of inclusion and feasibility

indicators, and in depth-discussions with the organisations. This intervention brings the focus to the parts of the system that need it most.


3) Thinking and Writing Groups.

These interventions emphasise the importance of stories and narratives in reinforcing organisational behaviours, values and subsequent culture. This intervention focuses on changing the deeply rooted organisational norms that hold back our ambitions to develop an inclusive culture.


For more in depth information about what we’re trying to achieve and how we’re trying to achieve it – please download ‘our approach’ 

For more information about what we stand for - please download 'our philosophy’ 


We also have our Capital People Basecamp Community which will give you access to a vast array of resources that go beyond the existing paradigm in diversity and inclusion, and will enable you to connect with others who have energy and enthusiasm for change. To feel included in something that brings out the best in you, sign up here.


 Sign up here and an invitation will be sent as soon as possible


The London Leadership Academy’s Capital People programme is about fundamentally changing the way in which we think about, deliver and experience inclusion in the NHS. Watch the Appreciative Inquiry video here and start dreaming for your better future.

Programme Resources

Capital People - Our Approach

Capital People - Our Philosophy

Capital People Appreciative Inquiry: Dream a Better Future

Capital People Programme: An Evaluation

In March 2013, the London Leadership Academy commissioned three organisations to deliver a series of interventions designed to promote equality and human rights in London-based NHS organisations.The initial programme, named Capital People, ran between October 2013 and June 2015. It delivered training to over 700 people across this period of time. This evaluation was commissioned by the London Leadership Academy to examine the success of the programme, and to form recommendations for the future delivery of Capital People and wider inclusion work across the NHS.

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