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Systems Leadership

Supporting leaders who are working across boundaries and in complex structures

The Integration Barometer

This initiative offers a way by which leaders working in organisations that are engaged in a system in terms of an STP footprint might evaluate the climate that surrounds that STP.

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Compassion as a Bridge to Engagement

Creating more systems leadership is a priority for NHS Improvement and it is one of the objectives that underpin the new national leadership framework.

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Shadow Board

The Shadow Board Programme is an innovative approach to talent, inclusion and opening up to a diversity of voices in an organisation.

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Fit For Futures - Leading through complexity

The ‘Fit For Futures’ decision making tool is based on future scenarios planning, so it assists leaders working in and through systems to manage complexity and choose the best options for them to pursue in specific areas of practice.

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Inclusive Systems Leadership Hackathon

A Hackathon is an event where people come together from a wide rangeof backgrounds and disciplines to explore the thoughts and expertise in theroom and inform future activity, in this case inclusive and system leadershipdevelopment.

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Healthy City

Healthy City inspires conversations between people across sector boundaries,brings about collaborative leadership, showcases new ideas and solutions, and develops joined-up thinking between thinkers and leaders who can make Healthy City a reality.

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Organisations at the forefront of change require leaders with a deepunderstanding of how human systems operate along with the courage an skills to navigate the complexities of system life.

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Community of Practice

Communities of Practice are groups of people who share a concern or passion for something they do, and who come together regularly to share ideas on how to achieve best practice.

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Leadership for Integrated Care

NHS Engalnd's Five Year Forward View sets out a vision for integrated care.

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Darzi Fellowships in Clinical Leadership 2018/2019

 Please be advised that the application process for the Darzi Fellowships in Clinical Leadership 2018/2019 has now closed.

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OD Capacity & Capability

Building OD capacity and capability in the NHS by developing leaders to develop others

Coaching Supervision and CPD

The purpose of coach supervision is to support the coach’s professional, personal and coaching practice’s health and wellbeing.

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Leadership Toolkit

The Leadership Toolkit is a ‘just-in time’ people management resource for leaders -a repository of practical tools and resources designed for busy people whoneed support that they can just take and use.

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Board Development

External facilitation can make a substantial critical input so that interventionsbecome catalysts for board awareness and improvement.

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Paired Learning

Paired Learning is a peer-learning leadership development initiative for managersand clinicians in the NHS.

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360 Degree Feedback Facilitation Training

We are giving NHS staff the opportunity to be trained in the NHS LeadershipAcademy’s 360 degree feedback tool that has been developed around the newHealthcare Leadership Model.

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Organisational Development (OD) Consultancy

LLA works with OD practitioners and organisations seeking to transform or change their organisations to embed OD tools and frameworks.

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Consultancy Training

Programme leaders should combine excellent trainer skills with real consultingexperience.

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Mentoring Training

Mentoring may be described as “a partnership between two people with differentlevels of experience.

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OD PG Cert

The aim of this programme is to develop internal capacity and capability inorganisation development (OD) and change leadership.

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Open Masterclasses

Our Open Masterclasses are one of our flagship programmes.

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MBTI Step I Training

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Foundation ProgrammeBuild an organisation’s entire development journey around the world’s leading personality tool.

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Coach Qualification Programme

Become an EMCC qualified coach.

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Time to Think

How many of us truly think for ourselves? If people are the real resources in an ever changing, demanding healthcare environment, then thinking our own thoughts and expressing our own ideas is vital for the long term sustainability of the NHS.

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Personal Development

Learn more about leadership concepts and develop your own leadership skills


“Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.

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Coaching is based on the principle that an individual is ultimately responsible for their lives and the results they are getting.

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Healthcare Leadership Model

The HLM describes what good leaders do, and it will help you develop as a leader by showing you how your leadership behaviours affect the culture and climate you, your colleagues, and teams work in.

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Skills Workshop

London Leadership Academy is offering a range of experiential workshops formiddle to senior managers.

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Empower inclusive and diverse leadership, and drive change acrosss the health landscape

Thinking and Writing Groups

These programmes focus on changing the deeply rooted organisational norms that hold back ambitions to develop an inclusive organisation.

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Inclusion Labs

We know that some trusts in London are lagging behind in relation to the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) and overall that London has poorer results on inclusion than the rest of the country.

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Ready Now

You’ve given up your own time.

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Communities of Practice for Diversity and Inclusion

Communities of Practice are groups of people who share a concern or passion for something they do, and who come together regularly to share ideas on how to achieve best practice.

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Culture Change, Making it happen: Creating a culture of Inclusivity

This workshop by Eden Charles helps delegates to understand the kinds of things that get in the way of enabling more significant change to take place in relation to equality, diversity and Inclusion.

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Creating an inclusive culture - beyond difference to living the difference

In this interactive workshop, delegates will learn how to dismantle stereotypes that inhibit thinking and to create inclusive, respectful cultures that enable people to think well together.

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Appreciative Enquiry (AE) Skills for Building a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

By increasing not only the knowledge base, but the skills of middle and senior managers and clinicians in an alternative set of OD methods, this workshop will empower people to challenge the dominant paradigm and unlock the talent and potential of a broader range of staff.

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HLM 360 Degree Feedback

360° feedback helps individuals identify where their leadership strengths and development needs lie.

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Managing diversity: The Human Centred Approach

This course will introduce delegates to a “human-centred approach” to managing diversity in a way that is fair and inclusive, and help delegates to maintain professional standards by giving them a clear legal framework.

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London Women’s Leadership Network

This network aims to create a happier, healthier and more equal workforce forwomen and men – and to drive an NHS leadership of the future that truly livesand breathes the values of inclusion and diversity.

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Unconscious Bias Training

"Unconscious bias is the attribution of particular qualities to a member of a certain group.

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Capital People

         Our vision:Capital People seeks to influence London’s Healthcare system so that it actively embeds inclusion and promotes the kind of culture change which helps people and organisations rediscover and express their humanity.

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Talent Management

Talent Management 9-Box Grid

Talent management is not a standalone concept but works as a ‘HR ecosystem’to support organisational objectives and workforce strategy in an integrated andstrategic way.

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Talent Management Simulation

Managing our NHS Talent means supporting individuals who can make a positivedifference to organisational performance and drive improvements in patient care.

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Talent Management (TM) Local Stakeholder Group

The London Leadership Academy facilitates the London Talent Management Stakeholder Network which meets bi-monthly, with the aim of creating space for a sharing and learning community.

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