Chief Executive Development Network

The role of the chief executive in healthcare has never been more important. How we help our chief executives to be successful ‘in role’ whether newly appointed or experienced – is one of the NHS’s most important leadership issues. As the health system evolves and new models of care emerge, chief executives who can successfully lead their provider organisations and collaborate across the system in the transformation of care are key.

The Chief Executive Development Network has been designed to support chief executives with their personal development and ensure they are the best they can be in these challenging roles, both for themselves and their organisations/systems.

This development network is supported by NHS Improvement and NHS Providers. It is intended to support chief executives at a time when the challenge in the system, to deliver today while creating the services for tomorrow, is the greatest it has ever been and therefore the need for support to its most senior leaders as its highest.

The Chief Executive Development Network is independent as it is fully funded by the membership of the Network and is hosted by the Leadership Academy.

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