Flexible Working in the NHS: A Case for Action

The NHS London Leadership Academy set up the London Women’s Leadership Network (LWLN) in March 2017. Since its launch we’ve attracted over 500 members and helped to develop strong networks and connections. We partnered with Timewise as we feel that the LWLN is so much more than just another network; our members are action-orientated individuals who want to put forward solutions to the challenges they face.

Flexible working crops up time and again as an issue which is important to the LWLN. This report gives us compelling reasons to act. There are economic drivers, like the amount spent on agency staff, and the cost of staff turnover and recruitment; workforce drivers, such as how to support a more diverse talent pipeline; and social reasons, like how the NHS can be a role model for change, providing quality part-time and flexible work. This report sets out the reasons for positive change, and begins to signpost some of the ways to make this happen.
With equality and diversity making waves in all areas of our communities, now is the time for action. Working life no longer takes place from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm. By providing our staff with a more flexible working pattern, we will enable a better work-life balance for them. We hope that this report empowers you to get involved and encourages you to be the change you want to see.

Anne-Marie Archard (Director, London Leadership Academy)