Bayswater Institute Masterclass Programme

The Bayswater Institute offers a distinctive perspective on organisational life, drawing on the work of Harold Bridger. Through notions such as the “double task” and the experience of fear in our work settings, the BI offers unique thinking and practices that can helpfully be applied to our day to day experiences in systems.

This 3½ day programme, spread across four months from September 2019, offers an introduction to six key elements of their work. The first three full days will each showcase two topics; the half-day in December will provide a reflective and evaluative space in which to explore the application of these ideas.

Dates and topics are as follows:


Double Task & BECM


Socio-Technical Systems & “Imagine”


Fear Analysis & Mindful Stories


Reflection & Evaluation Half-Day Event

You are encouraged to register for the whole programme, in order to immerse yourself fully in the Institutes distinctive thinking and techniques. However, it is possible to register for individual sessions, if this suits diary and interests better. An overview of the modules can be found here