London’s 70 Inspiring Female Leaders for #NHS70Women

On Wednesday 4th July 2018, the London Leadership Academy held the #NHS70Women ceremony to celebrate the 70 female nominees across London.

The event opened with welcome introductions from Anne-Marie Archard, the London Leadership Academy Director in addition to a keynote speech from Tara Donnelly the Chief Executive of the Health Innovation Network.

The ceremony began at 14:00 with all the nominees which was followed on by a Skills Sessions with Hazel Gale, who is a former world kickboxing champion, author and master practitioner of cognitive hypnotherapy.

If you were a delegate at the event and have any photos that you wish to share, please email us at or alternatively keep in touch with us via our Twitter account on @NHSLLA.

You can view and download the brochure created with the 70 winners here