London Leadership Summit 2019

The NHS London Leadership Academy invites you to join us for our 2019 Leadership Summit, an interactive and practice focused day for leaders from across health and social care in the capital to come together to learn, share and connect.


This year, we have taken our inspiration from two vital and closely linked aims that appear in the Interim NHS People Plan:


  • Making the NHS the best place to work and
  • Improving our leadership culture. 


Our workshops will support us collectively to explore these ambitions and how we in London can work collaboratively to realise them.  We will be showcasing the work we are busy delivering across the system in London to:


  • Work creatively to help craft genuinely positive workplace cultures;
  • Support leaders in this context to lead with compassion and meaningful engagement; and
  • Encourage people to surrender the notions of leadership in order to engage and develop new approaches to the challenge of leading. 


The Leadership Summit offers those who join us a rich day of interactive and practical workshops, plenary discussions and helpful takeaways. We will ensure that all the themes of our work are covered, including Talent Management, Primary Care, Systems and Inclusion.

Under these general headings, we will offer engaging and involving sessions, where attendees will have space and time to consider fresh ideas and new practice. For example, in light of the publication by Routledge of his book entitled “Radical Organisation Development”, Dr Mark Cole from the LLA will offer a workshop on the significance of acknowledging and rethinking power in health and social.


The day will consist of a variety of senior healthcare leaders across London bringing a range of expertise, new ideas and challenges of how we can bridge the gap in leadership across the health service.


Don't miss your opportunity to network with over 200 attendees drawn from the widest possible range of leaders and practitioners from all levels, sectors and locations in the health and social care system across the capital. And, with us all in one place at the same time, it will offer us a peerless opportunity to explore how we might work together to enhance leadership across the sector in order to support the intention that the NHS will be the best place to work.


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