Welcome to the Talent Management Network

Talent management is a key programme area by which the London Leadership Academy supports leadership development. We do this by building the capability of local NHS organisations and creating a vibrant community of talent practitioners across London who will be equipped to develop and deliver good talent approaches across their organisations.

One of the mechanisms by which we do this is through our Talent Management Network and Community of Practice (CoP) which aims to drive a transformative approach to foster a culture of talent management across London.  The Network brings together and supports organisations across London to develop robust systems and practices that help to identify, develop and deploy individuals with the talent and capabilities to meet the leadership challenges faced by the London healthcare services both today and in the future.

We welcome you to join our Talent Management Network and Community of Practice and its sub-groups to support your efforts, share experiences, build knowledge and capability and work through your challenges as a collective.

Whether you are a talent lead in an organisation with the responsibility to implement talent management across your organisation, or you are manager interested in maximising the potential of your staff in a systematic and structured way, the Network is there for you to share knowledge and practices. On these Network pages you will find useful tools, processes, templates, case studies and other resources to help you with your talent journey regardless of where you are on that journey.

The NHS Leadership Academy has worked with the Local Leadership Academies to develop a suite of talent management resources to support effective talent management processes.  These resources can be found on the NHS Talent Management Hub providing additional support to our local efforts and Network pages.


Why does talent management matter?

We know that good leadership matters. Having a well-led workforce not only creates greater engagement, but also higher performance and improved patient outcomes. But why does talent management matter?

Talent management in the NHS faces the same issues as other sectors in the ‘war for talent’.  The NHS operates in a highly global and competitive labour market, with an ageing workforce, changing employee expectations, flexible working and learning, with an ever increasing need for complex skills in an ever changing NHS landscape.

The NHS exists within a dynamic backdrop, with a sharp focus on NHS spending cuts, targets and performance measures, transformation and calls for more integrated services. Managers are therefore required to have complex leadership skills and competencies to be able to deliver success.

In London, we face particular workforce challenges such as staff shortages in nursing, emergency care and General Practice, low retention of mental health workforce, increased need for skills in blended roles and integrated health and social care roles. The cost of living in London has increased faster than other parts of England and working conditions have become more challenging with increases in work pressure and decreasing levels of job satisfaction.

This backdrop requires a committed and comprehensive approach to talent within the NHS, aimed at maximising the potential of the talent which already exists to help address the complexities and meet the workforce challenges.

The success of the NHS is dependent on having the right people with the right skills and the right behaviours in the right roles – to continue to be a world class health service that is innovative and sustainable.

Talent Tools & Templates

Looking at ‘what’ talent management does is important – but the time is right to also look at ‘how’ we do it.

The Rose Report ‘Better Leadership for tomorrow’ The Smith Review ‘Leadership and Improvement’ and more recently the National Framework ‘Developing People - Improving Care’ highlight talent management as a key means of building a pool and pipeline of appropriately developed and diverse people to meet the leadership challenges and needs of the NHS. Whilst the importance of having a strategic and system-wide approach to talent management is recognised, this can only be built on effective locally owned talent management approaches aligned with good talent management processes. The London Leadership Academy’s Talent Programme therefore focusses on building the capability of each local organisation to develop and deliver good approaches within their organisation.

Importantly, talent management is not a standalone concept but works as a ‘HR ecosystem’ to support organisational objectives and workforce strategy in an integrated and strategic way.