London Leadership Academy Talent Masterclass

Masterclass Series 1
In order to support Talent efforts, we ran a number of Talent Management Masterclasses to help you understand what Talent Management is and how to develop your approach.

Masterclass 1: What is Talent Management? 

(Introductory video for Masterclass 1)
Delivered in partnership with PwC, This masterclass looks at the role of Talent Management within the NHS as well as other organisations. It explores current and future Talent Management challenges and how to overcome them within today’s increasingly competitive business environments as well as looking at what potential look like. 

Masterclass 2: Talent Management Framework & Essential Ingredients

(Introductory video for Masterclass 2)
Delivered in partnership with PwC, this session looks at a Talent Management framework and demonstrates how you can use this framework to enable you to effectively mobilise talent in response to business needs, whilst maintaining levels of motivation and employee engagement. 

Masterclass 3: Organisation Goals, Business Case and Strategy Development
Delivered in partnership with PA Consulting Ltd, this Masterclass looks at making succinct connections between organisational strategic and operational objectives and identify the capabilities required at team and individual levels in support of organisation development. It explores how talent strategies manifest themselves in talent conversations between manager and the individual, and how the NHS can hone its talent so that both the organisation and individual gains.

Masterclass 4: Performance Management, Appraisal and Talent Management
This Masterclass looks at practical tips on how to link performance management and talent management processes ensuring they are fit for purpose. The video considers how to evolve this in the NHS so that organisation, manager and individual needs are met.

Masterclass 5: Tools and Process
Delivered in partnership with Keystone Training; this Masterclass gives an overview of the typical talent process, a sample of external assessment and calibration tools, an overview of existing NHS tools, and an understanding of how to create a talent pool and a talent pipeline.  It will assist you in creating a high level plan for initiating the right process for your business. 

Masterclass 6: Conversations and Calibration
Delivered in partnership with Keystone Training, this Masterclass will help you to develop a good understanding of motivational conversations pre and post calibration. It will also take you through good practices on how to calibrate talent, what a good calibration meeting looks like and how to use talent information.

Masterclass 7: Talent pools and Succession Planning
Delivered in partnership with LHH Penna, this Masterclass aims to draw on the previous 6 sessions and pull together the links between Talent Management and Succession planning in order to meet the goals and business objectives.


NHS Leadership Academy Research and Evidence

The National Leadership Academy have the objective of being a centre of excellence and beacon of best practice on talent management by bringing together ideas from both within and outside the NHS, together with those from other organisations.

To support the spread of knowledge about talent and talent management, they have developed a series of talent management insights which cover the following range of topics within the talent management agenda. These will continue to be developed and added over time.


Talent Leads Resources

Here we bring together a selection of thought pieces and research on talent management within and outside the NHS which may be of interest when considering your own organisation’s approach.  These resources are shared as part of and supplement the learning from the National Practitioners Programme and provide insight on various aspects of talent management across different industry sectors.









Talent Management Case Studies

Here we present 2 case studies. The purpose of the case studies is to explore and practise how to make judgements and complete documents to assess potential and feed into succession decisions.

The 2 case studies are as follows:

Case one which is based on a fictional person within the NHS, Alex O’Brien, and case two is based on a fictional person within the private sector, Ali Smyth. The purpose of including an example from the private sector is to be able to review and compare different approaches.

Either or both of the case studies could be completed by an individual to enhance their skills and knowledge in talent management or used as part of a learning programme.