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London Leadership Academy has established a Women’s Leadership Network. This network aims to create a happier, healthier workforce – and to shape an NHS leadership that is truly diverse and inclusive at every level. Led by NHS staff of all genders - by women, for women, and with men - the London Women’s Leadership Network will drive an innovative and transformative approach to gender equality that demands real and lasting change.

Promoting a diverse and inclusive leadership is crucial both for the development of a strong NHS workforce as well as for those concerned with equality more generally. While many female leaders are breaking through into top positions, they remain the exception rather than the rule. London Leadership Academy has launched a network that will
explore and dismantle hidden barriers, promote and advocate for a more inclusive NHS across London. Please join us and become an advocate for gender equality in the NHS across London.

Upcoming Events

The London Women's Leadership Academy is running a range of Masterclasses and Workshops that are free to attend for network members.

Research shows that diversity can make a big difference for patient outcomes. It can also lead to happier, healthier and more productive workforces. At a period of change and transformation unlike any that the NHS has seen before, bringing diverse voices to the fore of decision making will be crucial in the delivery of innovation and sustainable transformation. The NHS has one of the most diverse workforces in the world, with 77% women and 16% from BME backgrounds. Yet once you get closer to the top, levels of diversity get smaller and smaller. Change is happening at snail’s pace and the reason is simple – we are not thinking differently about diversity.

Inclusive and collaborative leadership is evidenced to drastically improve the health and happiness of NHS staff, thus increasing the health and wellbeing of our patients.

Our Masterclasses are aimed at senior leaders across the health and care system that want to explore:

  1. Practical ways of changing their Trust’s approach to recruitment and promotion so that it produces greater opportunity for staff in the NHS – e.g. more diversity
  2. The experience of other organisations in making significant change in diversity and how that might apply to the NHS
  3. The particular reasons why increased diversity can make for better patient outcomes

You are the leaders who have the responsibility and the power to do the right thing by making the changes needed. The time is now to start doing diversity differently.

Our workshops are available now - email LWLN@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk to book your place, or visit our Book Now page.

Join in and become an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the NHS


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